Amazon is awesome. They boast a super user-friendly site, free shipping, competitive pricing, and they are on the forefront of drone delivery. Heck, you can even order food from them! But this Audible company that Amazon uses is horrible! They gotta go.

Audible uses DRM and tried to tell me that I had to install some crappy player in order th play their special .AA files. Why not just invent a new screws and charge people for the expensive screwdriver needed to turn them? It's just ***.

I had an experience with them that pissed me off. I will never purchase ANY e-books or anything else audio related from them and I suggest you don't either. Audible blows.

Below is a copy of my online chat experience with Amazon and Audible.

Here's a copy of the chat transcript you requested:

Initial Question: I often purchase digital mp3's from Amazon. A few minutes ago I ordered an audiobook. Amazon is telling me to download an application to play my audiobook. I don't want to install an application I just want an .mp3 of my audiobook. How do I get it?

09:27 PM PDT Rajasekhar(Amazon): Hello, my name is Rajasekhar. I'll certainly try to help regarding your concern.

Before I look into your account, I need to verify that you're the account holder. Can you please confirm the name on your account, your e-mail address, and your complete billing address?

09:28 PM PDT underdrummer: I've never had to verify this information before and I have used Amazon for 8 years.

09:30 PM PDT Rajasekhar(Amazon): underdrummer, when you contact amazon already signed up to your account, your account is already verified and we won't ask you this information. In this case, since you have not signed in to your account and contacted us, we need to verify your information before looking into your account.

09:31 PM PDT underdrummer: I AM signed in to my account!!!

09:33 PM PDT Rajasekhar(Amazon): A member of our audible specialist team will be the perfect person to help you with this. Let me connect you to a member of our specialist team. It will only take a moment.

09:34 PM PDT Keith(Amazon): Hello underdrummer, thank you for contacting Audible. My name is Keith. I will be glad to help you.

09:34 PM PDT underdrummer: Hi.

09:35 PM PDT Keith(Amazon): I understand that you want to download your audiobook on your MP3 right?

09:36 PM PDT underdrummer: Yes please. I don't want to install some application just to play my audiobook. Here is the order number xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

09:36 PM PDT Keith(Amazon): I see.

09:37 PM PDT Keith(Amazon): Thank you.

May I know the model of your MP3 please?

09:37 PM PDT underdrummer: It's a Sansa but I plan on listening to my audibook with Windows Media Player on my PC.

09:38 PM PDT Keith(Amazon): I see.

May I know the operating system of your computer please?

09:39 PM PDT underdrummer: Is this a joke?

09:40 PM PDT underdrummer: I just want my audiobook downloadable as an .mp3. What is the problem here? The operating system is Windows, of course. Since I mentioned I am using WINDOWS media player.

09:41 PM PDT Keith(Amazon): Yes, but we need to sync the audiobook from your computer to your MP3 that is why I am asking for the operating system. I apologize for the inconvenience underdrummer.

09:41 PM PDT underdrummer: Why? Sync what? When I download songs from Amazon I don't have to do any of this!

09:42 PM PDT Keith(Amazon): The songs from Amazon and audiobooks from Audible are different. We need to download the audiobook first to listen to them.

09:43 PM PDT underdrummer: Cancel my order please.

09:43 PM PDT Keith(Amazon): Not a problem underdrummer but would you like me to help you first download the book before that. I am sorry for the inconvenience underdrummer

09:44 PM PDT underdrummer: ???

09:44 PM PDT underdrummer: How can I download the book if you are refunding my money and cancelling my order?

09:44 PM PDT Keith(Amazon): I can enroll you to our 30 days free trial to get the book for free.

09:45 PM PDT underdrummer: No! Good Lord. The first guy asks me for my personal login info, you can't accommodate my needs and now you want to enroll me in your 30 day trial? CANCEL MY ORDER!

09:45 PM PDT Keith(Amazon): I am sorry for that.

09:45 PM PDT Keith(Amazon): Let me process the cancellation on your order now.

09:46 PM PDT underdrummer: What is wrong with you guys today? I've been chatting with Amazon for 8 years and I have never run into this kind of BS.

I want to fill out a survey.

09:47 PM PDT Keith(Amazon): No worries, I will send you the email survey underdrummer.

09:48 PM PDT underdrummer: Fine, thanks. Is the order cancelled?

09:49 PM PDT Keith(Amazon): Yes, I have successfully refunded the book and since you have used your credit card to purchase this book, Please expect the refund to be credited back on your account with in 2-3 business days.

09:50 PM PDT Keith(Amazon): The total refund is $11.95.

09:50 PM PDT underdrummer: Great. Have a nice day.

09:50 PM PDT Keith(Amazon): You too underdrummer. I apologize for the inconvenience underdrummer.

I got my money back and filled out an audible survey. See relevant docs. Good luck guys!

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2017 the company more horrible than ever. They rely on third party software to play their content.

The amount of steps necessary to take from the moment you give them your money to the moment you can actually listen to the product on a mac is downright kafkian. Even their own phone support messes the steps up because they can't themselves believe that it is so retarded you need to log in 3 places just to get it to work!

Abysmal. Never again.


I've been with Audible since early on. About 12 years.

They were great to work with until they sold out to Amazon.

Today I've had it. Opened the site to use my 2 credits to buy books for the next month and I find an entirely new interface for the site. I spent an entire hour trying to navigate it but it is so different from the previous site that I've grow accustomed to that I gave up and called the help line.

Over the years I've called help several times but this time I got ahold of a computer generated voice that couldn't understand what I was trying to ask of It/him.

I hung up, dialed again and got another voice that was condescending as in " its all there, it's completely the same" I gave up and tried to cancel the account but was reminded I would lose my two credits so I put the account on Hold until I can figure out how to use my final 2 credits, then I'll cancel. Now to find another online book service that hasn't sold out to the corporate %>*


I just spent an 1/2 hour trying to get audible working . It crashes both chrome and firefox, on my windows seven machine.

I just asked to refund me the book I paid for, if they don't I'll take it up with visa.

After all , I thought i was buying a book I could listen too, and that is not the case.

I'm not that ***, and i know *** when I see it. Your not alone :-)

to Anonymous #1087251

A follow up was that they did "reverse" the charges, they claim they never charged me.

The person who spoke to me seemed nice, and I wasn't angry with them - it's not there fault they have to support an inferior product.


Thanks for posting your comments everyone. Audible definitely sucks, there is no question there, but the thing that they TRULY suck at is their DRM.

That stands for Digital Rights Management for anyone who has been living under a rock for the past 10 years. Audible wants you to download and use their crappy software just to play their audio books. Which is a way of controlling who you share your Audible purchases with. How about this Audible, instead of paying you and being chained to your way of doing things, I'll just get the audio book for free and share it with my entire family?

Oh, you don't like that?

Then stop trying to control how I use my media!!!

Simple as that.


Yup, Audible sucks

Crappy user interface that a software engineer can't figure out. The app sucks ***.

Books at insanely high prices ($32 to rent game of thrones!!!!).

Plus they want a membership on top of it.

Pretty much worthless service.

I'd rather go to the library and get the crappy scratched CDs.

I HATE audible. Is there any good audio books service?


yes, they do suck. I had their monthly membership for a few years and I accumulated 5 un-listened credits.

To my surprise - I learned that canceling membership means I loose credits I already paid for.

Nothing more but pure greed and horrible corporate policy. I can only wish some day there will be competition for audible.


You were kind of a *** to the Support people. You didn't like DRM.

OK, I get that. Why take it out on Customer Support?

Frankly, I had days like that myself. something would tick me off and I'd go around ripping out throats on the phone.

That being said, those aren't my proudest moments. Certainly wouldn't post it on the web.

to Anonymous Overton, Nevada, United States #1018033

I am generally very nice to customer reps. I worked 20 years as a waiter and blackjack dealer.

I know how horrible people can be. But I didn't get angry until I realized the customer support was attempting to swindle me into buying some crappy software to play my music. Many customer service representatives think they can easily take advantage of people with little or limited knowledge of today's computer technology. If I was a 65 year-old senior citizen, I probably would have downloaded their crappy software and signed up for their 30-day "free" trial.

Audible would then continue to charge my credit card and I probably would have been none the wiser. I tend to get angry when people try to manipulate me. I guess I am strange that way.

Besides, who cares what YOU would do about posting on the web.

I posted the discussion to show how the reps tried to swindle me.

Just cause you used to work as a customer representative doesn't give you the authority to make false statements about my claim. I do not go around "ripping out throats" unless I am defending myself.

to underdrummer Stanwood, Washington, United States #1215732

Down voted because of the ridiculous implication that 65 year olds are senior citizens and that they are easily duped. You clearly don't have many 65 year old friends.

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