We are extremely disappointed and unhappy with the new listening control panel (for the iPhone) and the fact that there is no way of defaulting to the former controls.

The former controls allowed play; pause; speed control; fast forward; fast rewind; volume; next chapter; last chapter; 30 seconds backup; and bookmark.

The new panel allows play; pause; and bookmark. Everything else requires drilling down to other menus.

Users listen to books while driving. These new controls are dangerous. The designers cannot possibly be customers because then they would know that the new controls are not an improvement in the real world.

Why is there a bookmark function on the main screen but no way to fast forward or fast rewind? Really? Where is the survey that shows users find bookmarking more important than a fast rewind or forward?

We have purchased 100's of books from Audible. We like the service and like their customer support, but are very disappointed in the arrogance of their trying to force this listening "upgrade" on. We want the option of returning to the prior controls.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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