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When you have more credits than Audible wants, they send you this great little come one called "Buy four books with credits by XXXXX date and get a $10 credit." Fell for this one not once but twice two years ago and just recently. Well still waiting for that credit.

Since Audible is an Amazon company (Amazon what were you thinking) I thought maybe the customer credible thing would work it's way into Audible. I'm still waiting. Called the customer service to "***" its with my problem. The phone bank, judging from the accent is somewhere in the old Iron Curtain countries, told me to just select a book unclick use credit and magically see the total disappear as the credit is applied.

Well yes the credit did disappear and poof showed up on my credit card. Jokes on me.

Audible didn't mean I get a credit, they meant they are going to credit my credit card.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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I have received these credits. They appear in my account instantly, and I can see the amount I have.

The person you spoke with apparantly did not understand the problem

you had. I hope you called back.

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