I signed up for Audible.com's free trial back in June 2014. When I wasn't using the service I canceled (before the free trial ran out).

I started getting charges on my account in November 2014. When I checked my account settings it said that it was inactive and not being charged any fees. In March 2015 I realized I was still being charged $16.02 monthly. When I called to speak to customer service they assured me that the account associated with my name and email address was not being charged and had no activity whatsoever.

When I logged into my account online it also said I had no activity and no charges. However, after demanding that they find where these charges on my credit card were coming from they found another account-- one with a different email address but had my NAME, PHONE NUMBER, CREDIT CARD, AND ADDRESS-- that was indeed being charged monthly. The first representative that I spoke with tried to tell me that there "must be someone close to me who has set up this account." This was definitely not the case. After explaining to him that his random *** explanation does not somehow validate these charges I demanded that he dissociate my information with the other unknown email.

He proceeded to tell me that he was not authorized to do so because I could not confirm what the other email was. WTF. I then demanded to speak to his supervisor. He put me on hold.

And then hung up on me. I called back to talk to another customer service representative. Almost the exact same thing happened with her. After being "put on hold" and hung up on again, I called back a 3rd time.

Similar correspondence ensued until I was finally able to speak with a supervisor. She was not very helpful as her advice to me was to call my credit card company and have the card canceled. I assured her that I would infact being doing just that, but I first wanted to make sure that my information was no longer being associated with this other unknown email and that all charges be refunded. She wouldn't do it.

She kept telling me that I could not validate who I was.

It was all just a bunch of ***. Amazon (through it's affiliate Audible.com) is a multibillion dollar company committing fraud.

Product or Service Mentioned: Audible Free Trial.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Apparently, I'm another victim of Audible.com. I was simply reviewing what their membership offered and the next thing I know, I receive an email 'welcoming me as a new member'.

After an extensive chat with their representative, nothing was resolved. She failed to understand that I had NOT given my permission for enrollment into a membership. Although I requested a resolution with a representative from a higher level of the organization, she seemed to take the conversation personal, hence, suggesting that I had enrolled inadvertently, which I absolutely did not.

I think I am aware when I agree to join an organization. A class action suit against this organization is in order, since they took the liberty of enrolling me utilizing the credit card information on file with Amazon (this is a very shady business practice).


Sigh...its the same with me. Cancelled before trial ended.

Been getting charged for about 6 months until i'm looking into it further. No membership. Changed my card number.

STILL getting charged. I dont know what to do.


I think its crazy that Audible can get away with this. I never signed up for anything with Audible and yet they got my card information and started billing me 14.95 every month for 8 months. I think they are getting their CC info and email addresses from Amazon.


They refaund my money, but not all, 70%. I said is there more refunds, no answer!

I was lucky I gues, but I did not recieve first refund doou... They are criminals, thats for sure.


This is Happening to me too.. Can someone tell us the solution.. I'm not from the UD


Hi I'm also experiencing the same


This is happening to me also can seem to get intouch with audible Atall will be going into bank to cancel my card


The first part is exactly what is happeneing to me. I did the free trial then I cancelled it and now I’m still getting charged.


It's happening to me too, I am not enrolled to their itunes, their website UK or US but i'm still being charged an don't even know how to stop it. Basically a fraud till you find out


I am having the same problem. I called my credit card company and got credit for a number of months.

Today on my new credit card statement they are charging me again.

I am so upset. I even changed my credit card number


I am having the same problem! Keep being charged!!


Been having the same problem. INSANE amount of months being billed to my debit account.

Will call them tomorrow, ill update with how the conversation went.


Exactly the same word for word! Put on hold for supervisor - then hung up!

Mine was on my bank debit card. So I was able to go into my bank, and they retrieved the 4 unauthorised payments and put a stop on any future ones being taken. I breathed a sigh of relief - but yesterday I received my credit card statement and there's an audible charge on it!!!! I have never linked my credit card with Audible or Amazon!

Don't know what to do now!! Is this going to happen over and over????

They need reporting - thieving rats!


I too have been illegally charged by audible for the last year. They’ve also hit my brothers account. Neither of us remember ever making an audible account


Same thing £11.56 a month and i'm 14 like that is a lot of my money. I rung up my bank and they said they had cancelled it. But i have somehow been re-subscribed.


Same thing, almost word for word, just happened to me.


This is happening to me. 2 YEARS of monthly payments coming off my CC...

Over $500. For a service I NEVER agreed to. I joined back when Audible was free, and when they started charging for the service, I discontinued.

If I try and sign in, it even says that I don't have a membership. Then what the #*@% have I been paying for?

Hamilton, Ohio, United States #1346297

Add me to the list. $15.86 for the last three months.

Very sneaky - an amount that easily gets lost among restaurants and misc charges. But, kept seeing tgisnon the 26th of the past four months.

I don't even have an account with a credit card associated... or, I didn't think I did!

Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand #1266205

Apparently insigne dupmto audible australia but because th australia and the US charged me. So two chrages and australia didnt care that cusotmers are being charged twice. Funny way tomrun a business.

Citrus Heights, California, United States #1184447

Yes...I have erroneously been charged too. I like Amazon...but Audible is it's dirty cousin.

I have never had such surreptitious charges appear on my card before. What about all the folks that never look at their credit card statements?!

They said they would remove the charges and more appeared. I cancelled my account 3 times and it was still active..

Huh? Where else does this happen??

Goodbye Audible...I had such high hopes for your too!

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